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Rush Lyrics Not Written By Only Neil Peart

Finding My Way (Geddy and Alex)
Need Some Love (Geddy)
Take A Friend (Geddy and Alex)
Here Again (Geddy and Alex)
What You're Doing (Geddy and Alex)
In The Mood (Geddy)
Before And After (Geddy and Alex)
Working Man (Geddy and Alex)
Best I Can (Geddy)
In The End (Geddy)
Lessons (Alex)
Tears (Geddy)
Closer To The Heart (Neil and Peter Talbot)
Cinderella Man (Geddy)
Different Strings (Geddy)
Tom Sawyer (Neil and Pye Dubois)
Chemistry (Geddy, Alex and Neil)
Force Ten (Neil and Pye Dubois)
Between Sun & Moon (Neil and Pye Dubois)
Test For Echo (Neil and Pye Dubois)