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Rush Songs Never Played Live

( * asterisk means it is debatable, but no hard evidence that they were played)

Take A Friend (Rush) *
Making Memories (Fly By Night) *
Rivendell (Fly By Night)
The Fountain Of Lamneth (Caress Of Steel) *
Lessons (2112)
Tears (2112)
Madrigal (A Farewell To Kings)
Different Strings (Permanent Waves)
Emotion Detector (Power Windows)
Open Secrets (Hold Your Fire)
Second Nature (Hold Your Fire)
Tai Shan (Hold Your Fire)
High Water (Hold Your Fire)
Chain Lightning (Presto)
Anagram (Presto)
Red Tide (Presto)
Hand Over Fist (Presto)
Available Light (Presto)
Face Up (Roll The Bones)
The Big Wheel (Roll The Bones)
Heresy (Roll The Bones)
Neurotica (Roll The Bones)
You Bet Your Life (Roll The Bones)
Cut To The Chase (Counterparts)
Alien Shore (Counterparts)
The Speed Of Love (Counterparts)
Everyday Glory (Counterparts)
The Color Of Right (Test For Echo)
Totem (Test For Echo)
Dog Years (Test For Echo)
Carve Away The Stone (Test For Echo)
Peaceable Kingdom (Vapor Trails)
The Stars Look Down (Vapor Trails)
Vapor Trail (Vapor Trails)
Sweet Miracle (Vapor Trails)
Nocturne (Vapor Trails)
Freeze (Vapor Trails)
Out Of The Cradle (Vapor Trails)
Bravest Face (Snakes & Arrows)
Good News First (Snakes & Arrows)
We Hold On (Snakes & Arrows)
BU2B2 (Clockwork Angels)